BunsiView is a free software which is written in Flash ActionScript. It is able
to do data extraction, presentation of molecular structures as a graphical-3D
view and manipulation of molecules and atoms.
It can deal with the Gaussian output file and PDB file.

The basic functions in first version are:
1) Atom and molecule movement manipulation
2) All the atoms' XYZ coordinates display
3) Display of bond length between two atoms
4) Atom markings, which follow the atom movements.
5) Wave number display and their bar graphs
6) It is available to run on low power machines.

The new version (Seond Versin) BunsiView-B02 is available.
This version is added following functions:
1) Charge display (Gaussian output only)
2) Molecule addition
3) Atom addition
4) Atom deletion
5) Simple Black/White style -- TemariMol (Gaussian output only)

System requirements (test condition):
[CPU] Mobile Intel Celeron/333MHz , [Mem] 64MB , [OS] Win98SE
[Display] LCD / 1,024*768 / Color:24bit
... or more.


Zip file -- containing Exe file, instruction and sample files for test run. (1.1MB)

Exe file -- only Windows Exe file. (1.7MB)

Icon : or

Pictures: on Windows
-- Basic Functions --

BunsiView -top

G.out(Gaussian output): structure

G.out: atom manipulation and marking

G.out: distance of two atoms

G.out: Cartesian coordinate

G.out: vibration

-- Added Functions --

Charge display (G.out only)

G.out: molecular addition as the rehearsal (pre-set)

G.out: determined molecular addition

G.out: atom addition

G.out: atom deletion

G.out: Simple Black/White style -- TemariMol