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SkinParadise LOGO

This is a cool non rectangle Skin !!
but then except practical use...
Kyoko Misaki

Suchie-Pai Adventure The Trobbing Nightmare ©JALECO

SkinParadise 0.17.1 is OUT !
some bug-fix.

Downloadable files
SkinParadise 0.17 [Program]

(Japanese only)
468,022bytes 99/01/31 21:00

Tested on...
Microsoft WindowsNT 4.0J + SP4 + IE4
[main program only]
382,544bytes 99/03/17 04:04
Please replace an existing program.
SkinParadise 0.14-beta [Manual]

(Japanese only)
It's not comlete.

394,349bytes 98/08/07 01:10

Double Click the `index.html'.
Tested on... NetscapeNavigator 4.05[en],
Netscape Communicator 4.5[en],
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01-jp,
nums_ex Converter 1.02 Exchange the Winamp 1.9x nums_ex.bmp's sign background image and 2.xx's one .
178,833bytes 98/11/09 23:40
nums_ex Maker 1.01 nums_ex Maker generates the nums_ex.bmp for WinAMP from installed fonts.

123,459bytes 98/08/20 21:40
Worthless the 1st 1.02 Create a new image and mask of common pixels between left image and right image.

144,772bytes 98/09/13 21:40

Worthless the 2nd 1.02 Duplicate files Check and Delete.

129,239bytee 98/09/07 21:00

Parts for SkinParadise - Links
Miyakun's Brain Damage Room
(Japanese only)
Cbuttons,Frames and extend images
AZY's jobs
(Japanese only)
Cbuttons,Shufrep,Frames and others.

Link to the Skin Creater's Page with Preview
Link to the Skin Creater's Page with Preview
(Japanese only)
Please entry your great Skins.
Come on ! Join us !
Contact the FAQ(Japanese only) (98/07/22 02:10)

1. What's the SkinParadise ?

It's Dive-Ware!!
Integrate some images and convert to the WinAMP's Skin.
Create the WinAMP's region.txt easily and correctly.
Incomplete version.  (inportant)

Version and Release date
version release note
0.17 1998/01/31
  • Support for gradation numbers.
  • Support for WinAMP 2 only.
  • Enhance for optimized region.txt creation.
  • Support for save/load project.
0.17.1 1998/03/17
  • BugFix: Dawn-Shade-mode Time panel creation.
  • BugFix: Save/Restore color recovery.
0.18 or later 1999/??/??
  • Enhance for equalizer region.  (plan only)
  • Enhance for shade mode region.  (plan only)
  • Enhance for song title preview.  (plan only)
  • Support for shade preview for past time preview.  (plan only)
  • Support for Slider Buttons preview.  (plan only)
  • Support for height change on position bar.  (plan only)
  • Support for see through volume and balance buttons.  (plan only)
  • Support for see through volume and balance buttons animation.  (plan only)
  • Enhance for parts images.  (plan only)
  • Support for new color correction.  (now implementation)
  • Enhance for easily operation.  (plan only)
  • Enhance for Title bar creation.  (plan only)
  • Support for locale.  (plan only)
1.00 not fixed yet
  • Truly release.  (plan only) :-D
  • Support for project file.  (plan only)
  • Complete a manual.  (plan only)
  • Support for dynamic parts images load.  (plan only)

2. Special merits

SkinParadise has many special merits.

3. How to use.

Sorry, incomplete.
Please referance SimpleManual.

4. Requires

Hardware environment
Software environment

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