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Final Alpha +23
Mari Ohkubo ©Mink

  • One that doesn't understand a usage mustn't be useful.
  • Please uninstall it well a mind ago as unreasonably not operating it, when not working.
  • A control movement at a keyboard and a short cut can't do at the Preferences dialog.
  • There is a function not to be able to operate being frozen as being visible.
  • There is a possibility that a specification becomes a change greatly in the future.

Downloadable Files
GlamorousPad Plug-in for Winamp2 and Winamp5
ver 0.24.1
447,798bytes 03/12/31 20:00
GlamorousPad Plug-in for Winamp2
667,611bytes 01/8/13 04:50
GlamorousPad Plug-in for Winamp2
665,743bytes 01/7/30 19:15
GlamorousPad Plug-in for Winamp2
663,525bytes 01/7/28 22:45
GlamorousPad Plug-in for Winamp2
532,398bytes 01/1/10 00:00
Change History
  between junk+22 and junk+24/0.24.1
  • Bugfix: Winamp5 Language pack handling. (0.24.1)
  • Support: Winamp5 Classic/Modern Skin mode. (j+24)
  • Support: Winamp2.95(MiniBrowser less version). (j+24)
  • Bugfix: Zero devied exception.(j+24)
  • Support: Launch GlamorousPad.exe. :-( (j+23)
  between FinalAlpha+28 and junk+22
  • Bugfix: File handling error.(a+28)
  • Improves: Timing including ID3 tag readings.(a+27)
  • Bugfix: When it did a playlist sort, a display format doesn't become a validity.(a+27)
  • Bugfix: GlamorousPad doesn't start, when it used LanguagePack. (a+26)
  • Update; Support for Winamp 2.10 or later. (a+25)
  • Bugfix: Sexyfont SkinSync relation. (a+25)
  • Bugfix: Window minimize bug. (a+24)
  • Support: Add some keyboard-short-cut. (a+24)
  • Support: .aal,.pls,.vql playlist file extension. (a+24)
  • Bugfix: Memory access violation. (a+23)

1. What's GlamorousPad ?

It's Dive-Ware
This is PlayList not to depend on the Skin.
There is a possibility that disappears by my technological limit.  (impotant)

2. Strong Points

The strong point as follows plans to be prepared to GlamorousPad.

3. Installation and Uinstallation

Installation extracts gen_GlamorousPad.dll from an archive and copies it to plugins folder of Winamp.

Uninstallation deletes gen_GlamorousPad.dll from plugins folder of Winamp.

4. Operation

Though a key operation at a PlayList window is fundamental, conform to Winamp, the case that it makes a different action portion is.

There is the following key operation in a key operation that isn't assigned to the menu.
Operation Effect
Drop Addendum to a PlayList.
An additional position is by the Preferences.
[Shift] + Drop Addendum to a PlayList.
An additional position becomes the opposite with a content in the Preferences.
[Ctrl] + Drop Replacement of a PlayList.
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[P] Display of Preferences dialog of Winamp.
Whether there is can useful object except above mentioned or not can't do.
For a selection of an item at the Preferences window, please operate it at a mouse.
An operation with a keyboard excludes an input item and isn't an effect almost.

Please be through trial and error useful, as not explaining it about a denotation of the Preferences item.

5. Use Way

A picture drawing configuration to a GlamorousPad background does at the Preferences window of GlamorousPad or an exclusive definition file.
Top is "Text Layer", 2nd "Foreground picture Layer", 3rd "Background picture Layer" and Bottom is base window.
GlamorousPad Layers
Etsuko TOYOHARA(Super Real Mahjong P7) ©SETA
The display content that it synthesized draws it to a window that is the most below a figure.
In case that a background picture is omitted, it assumes it as supposing the color that it painted as a background picture for totally at a color of Left-Top pixel of a foreground picture.
As being useful as a color permeation color for Left-Top pixel of a foreground picture, in case that a background picture is specified, result-like a background picture is transparent and is visible. (state of an upper part figure)
For a configuration of GlamorousPad, WatermarkSkin configuration file can use it in addition to a configuration at a configuration window.
Around Skin change, it takes in it in GlamorousPad by dropping. eously with an audio file.
WatermarkSkin configuration file doesn't have an extension of wsc, someone of GlamorousPad.txt can use it.
It automatically refers to an only GlamorousPad.txt in case that it is at the same time useful with Skin change

WatermarkSkin configuration file is a text file of INI file format of Windows.
A configuration of GlamorousPad describes it in the [GlamorousPad Plug-in] section. The content that it describes in another section doesn't refer to it.

A valid key is following at the [GlamorousPad Plug-in] section.
Key Style Explanation
Window.Position.X decimal It specifies window display position of GlamorousPad.
In case that it specified a position to seem jutting out of a screen, it automatically adjusts it to be contained to screen inside.
Window.Size.Width decimal It specifies a window size of GlamorousPad at a width and a height.
In case that it specified a position to seem jutting out of a screen, it automatically adjusts it to be contained to screen inside.
Font.Face string It specifies a useful font name at a text layer.
It isn't desirable to specify it at Skin for a distribution.
Font.Point decimal It specifies a useful font size at a text layer.
It isn't desirable to specify it at Skin for a distribution.
Font.Style.Bold binary digit It specifies an attribute of a useful font at a text layer.
It isn't desirable to specify it at Skin for a distribution.
Font.Color.Play color It specifies a color to show current playing.
Font.Color.Select It specifies a color to show selecting.
Font.Color.Normal It specifies a color to show not playing and not selecting.
Font.Color.Shadow It specifies a color to drop shadow.
Font.ShadowMode decimal It specifies a type of drop shadow.
0: none
1: drop shadow
2: border frame
Option.WatermarkSkin.FG string It specifies a pass name of a useful bitmap file for a foreground picture(FG), background picture(BG).
RLE format compression bitmap file can use it.
By the way, in case that it specifies it at a relative pass, a folder that WatermarkSkin configuration file exists becomes a base point.
In case that it omitted specification of a background picture, the last background picture is used.
Please specify a null string, in case that it doesn't specify a background picture.
Option.WatermarkSkin.TransparentColor color It specifies a color to transparent.
** depend to OS version **
Layout.Winamp.Equalizer layout It specifies display position of graphical equalizer at a relative position from a main window.
A window automatically adjusts it to be contained to screen inside, in case that it seems to jut out of a screen.
It may be good if it specifies it in case that it uses a combination Skin.
A default is Inherit.
Layout.Winamp.Equalizer.Offset.X decimal In case that it specified Relative at layout specification, it specifies a relative position from a main window at pixels of a standard size conversion for display of graphical equalizer position.
0 are a position of Left-Top of a main window.
Upward minus value cross the street left side.
Under plus value cross the street right side.
So that there isn't that changes a shape of a window by means of region.txt irrespective of, a starting point becomes Left-Top of a standard rectangular area all the time.
Layout.Winamp.Equalizer.Zorder decimal It specifies a relative Z-order for a main window of graphical equalizer.
0 don't control Z-order.
For +1 all the time main window by before display, -1 displays it for the depths.
A case of Inherit is ineffectiveness for layout.

Leftmain window
Overwrapsame position as main window
Relativerelative position

It is in addition to Decimal, separation designation at Hexadecimal and can specify it at pledit.txt compatible format.
StyleDesignated way
decimal Red, it separates green, blue every element at a period.
Hexadecimal Red, it separates green, blue every element at a colon.
pledit.txt compatible It adds sharp to the forefront and specifies green, blue every element at hexadecimal several 2 digits each, red.
A case less than 6 digits interprets it as considering that 0 were specified before.
Either of format a value is a red, green, order of a blue with the left.

6. Environment

The period since Winamp 2.10 is necessary.
Combined use with YunaSoft SexyFont Plug-In is possible.
Combined use with MoeWinamp of Shiina Workshop is NOT possible.
GlamorousPad becomes invalidity automatically if it detects MoeWinamp.
Correctly to make you work, after YunaSoft SexyFont Plug-In 4.0J, the period since MARON - beta 7 is necessary.

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