CT-RSA 2019 Accepted Papers

  1. Tight Reductions for Diffie-Hellman Variants in the Algebraic Group Model
      Taiga Mizuide; Atsushi Takayasu; Tsuyoshi Takagi
  2. Towards Feasibility Results for White-Box Cryptography
      Estuardo Alpirez Bock; Alessandro Amadori; Joppe W. Bos; Chris Brzuska; Wil Michiels
  3. EPIC: Efficient Private Image Classification (or: Learning from the Masters)
      Eleftheria Makri; Dragos Rotaru; Nigel P. Smart; Frederik Vercauteren
  4. Linking Stam's Bounds With Generalized Truncation
      Bart Mennink
  5. Error Detection in Monotone Span Programs with Application to Communication-Efficient Multi-Party Computation
      Nigel P. Smart; Tim Wood
  6. MILP-based Differential Attack on Round-reduced GIFT
      Baoyu Zhu; Xiaoyang Dong; Hongbo Yu
  7. Lossy Trapdoor Permutations with Improved Lossiness
      Benedikt Auerbach; Eike Kiltz; Bertram Poettering
  8. An Improved RNS Variant of the BFV Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
      Shai Halevi; Yuriy Polyakov; Victor Shoup
  9. Efficient Fully-Leakage Resilient One-More Signature Schemes
      Antonio Faonio
  10. Post-Quantum EPID Signatures from Symmetric Primitives
      Dan Boneh; Saba Eskandarian; Ben Fisch
  11. Universal Forgery and Multiple Forgeries of MergeMAC and Generalized Constructions
      Tetsu Iwata; Virginie Lallemand; Gregor Leander; Yu Sasaki
  12. Assessment of the key reuse resilience of NewHope
      Aurélie Bauer; Henri Gilbert; Guénaël Renault; Mélissa Rossi
  13. Poly-Logarithmic Side Channel Rank Estimation via Exponential Sampling
      Liron David; Avishai Wool
  14. Context Hiding Multi-Key Linearly Homomorphic Authenticators
      Lucas Schabhüser; Denis Butin; Johannes Buchmann
  15. Public Key Encryption Resilient to Post-Challenge Leakage and Tampering Attacks
      Suvradip Chakraborty; C. Pandu Rangan
  16. New techniques for multi-value homomorphic evaluation and applications
      Sergiu Carpov; Malika Izabachène; Victor Mollimard
  17. Robust Encryption, Extended
      Rémi Géraud; Razvan Rosie
  18. Quantum Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks against Feistel Ciphers
      Gembu Ito; Akinori Hosoyamada; Ryutaroh Matsumoto; Yu Sasaki; Tetsu Iwata
  19. Structure-Preserving Certificateless Encryption and its Application
      Tao Zhang; Huangting Wu; Sherman S. M. Chow
  20. Constructing TI-friendly Substitution Boxes using Shift-Invariant Permutations
      Si Gao; Arnab Roy; Elisabeth Oswald
  21. Downgradable Identity-based Encryption and Applications
      Olivier Blazy; Paul Germouty; Duong Hieu Phan
  22. Large Universe Subset Predicate Encryption Based on Static Assumption (without Random Oracle)
      Sanjit Chatterjee; Sayantan Mukherjee
  23. Efficient Function-Hiding Functional Encryption: From Inner-Products to Orthogonality
      Manuel Barbosa; Dario Catalano; Azam Soleimanian; Bogdan Warinschi
  24. Delegatable Anonymous Credentials from Mercurial Signatures
      Elizabeth Crites; Anna Lysyanskaya
  25. Fast Secure Comparison for Medium-Sized Integers and Its Application in Binarized Neural Networks
      Mark Abspoel; Niek J. Bouman; Berry Schoenmakers; Niels de Vreede
  26. Accountable Tracing Signatures from Lattices
      San Ling; Khoa Nguyen; Huaxiong Wang; Yanhong Xu
  27. Automatic Search for A Variant of Division Property Using Three Subsets
      Kai Hu; Meiqin Wang
  28. Revisiting the Secret Hiding Assumption Used in Verifiable (Outsourced) Computation
      Liang Zhao